Meditation is always the answer…

Many times in our lives we become overwhelmed, pondering our next step and seeking universal truths! We call upon everyone in our lives for their opinions, prayers, ideas and validations. We busy ourselves in the external searching of what we should do or what is going on with us. Do you ever wish you could magically hear the answer? Well guess what? Meditation is literally the answer. I know, don’t give me the side eye just yet, Give me a moment to explain.

I often ponder, overthink, and ask questions myself. I want to just hear the answer so I can act upon my next step. I also busy myself and forget I already know the answer. I start to ask a few friends their thoughts, and hope the universe will instill upon them all there is to know about the subject of my current dismay. They remind me the magic is already within me. They tell me “ Karissa, just meditate on it and see what you hear.”  **Insert eye roll** because OF COURSE I don’t want to hear that. Most times I just want to get an answer that validates my soul so I can move on.

We must still ourselves to hear ourselves. The quiet allows us to think, reflect and act. Just like when someone is backing up a car and they turn the music down, it seems like that doesn’t make sense at all but, we need to hear ourselves think to make the best decisions. Meditation doesn’t have to be like a fancy Instagram post or you wearing all white sitting at the edge of a sparkling waterfall with no one around. Meditation can be you setting the intention to be still in the mind at any moment. When you are able to sit with yourself and drown out all the reasons the answers don’t make sense, you hear the actual answer. Go ahead and release the idea that you can’t meditate because your mind is too active. Your mind is a mind and that is its function. Your thoughts are allowed to race as you meditate. The goal is to not become completely consumed by each and every one that pops up. See the thoughts, maybe even acknowledge them and just let them pass by. Your compounding to-do list will be there regardless, so give yourself a moment to breathe and be still. When we can focus our energy on our question we will come to the conclusion that is best for us. We can hear all the knowledge the universe wants to impart on us. All we have to do is be still and listen.  

Happy Meditating!



Dazed, Lost, and Confused

The title says it all and, if you’re reading this, you’ve come to a point in life where you’re feeling the burn.

Have you ever created such a detailed life game plan then, moments later, everything falls apart like someone flicked that first domino before you were done setting up? Yep, the growing pains of life in all its glory!

You thought you did everything you were supposed to do, and yet, you seem more far from your goals than ever. Your support system tells you that everything will be ok, you just had a little hiccup, things will get better, etc. Meanwhile, on the inside, you’re screaming, your inner universe is crashing, and you instinctively shut down in order to cope with the stress.

Guess what though? The great thing about things crashing down is that other things can be rebuilt in its place!

Yes, you’re stuck at this life intersection of confusion and getting nowhere but you can choose a road or make your own path. Even when faced with a dead end, you STILL have the power and ability to navigate over, through, and around it.

When faced with these moments of extreme confusion, take a step back and turn inward. Ask yourself, who am I? What am I feeling? What is holding me back? How have I been successful? What awesome tools can i pull out to help me get through?

Your life experiences have already given you the tools needed to navigate your world so reach within, grab the toolkit, and bring out the GPS! It’s time to get moving and shaking, there’s nothing nor anyone that can set you back or leave you confused…except youself.

You’re not confused, you’re just in a transition and need some guidance. Don’t shut down, look the challenge in the eye and stand in your power! Confusion and obstacles only have power when YOU give it to them. Hold your head high, stand strong, and harness the power from within. Don’t let confusion beat you down, let your light shine and beat it with a victorious smile!

Always remember, anything that is lost, can be found…

  • Cassondra
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Uncontrollable but Controllable Mind

Practice being presentThis day and age, we become so consumed and distracted by the outside world and all its glorious drama. The depressing news, workplace gossip, life stressors (especially financial), etc. We use and over use our logical minds to analyze all situations to the point where it often drives us mad. Hours go by and nothing is accomplished except for sitting in the same spot, zoned out in our inner world. Mindlessly watching tv or online movies/shows while playing games on our phones or thinking about what all we need to do tomorrow. So many moments are wasted dwelling on these repetitive thinking and behavior patterns, next thing you know, a whole week has gone by and nothing is accomplished.

The problem is the disconnect between our minds and hearts. Our minds are off running around uncontrollably with no guidance at all, like a child that’s had loads of candy released to run freely in a toy store. You try to focus but the phone rings, you want to see what’s about to happen next in the movie, or you get the notification that your lives have been restored in your favorite game app. Or maybe you’re stuck reviewing the situations of the day, processing what happened and what you could or shouldn’t have done. Ultimately, living in the present moment is non-existent. Instead, you’re caught in a cycle of the past and future life while time runs by you like it’s on fire and trying to jump into a lake.

This is the moment where you grab control of your mind to bring it back to the present moment. When you first realize you’re steering your mental car without a steering wheel, hit the brakes as hard as you can and tune into your body. What is it feeling? What does it desire? Is it hot or cold? Does it feel hungry or full? Listen to your breath for a few moments. Is it shallow and fast? Is it slow and deep? Or is it fluctuating in a random pattern? These are important questions to ask yourself, it’s also a way of bonding with your body while focusing and controlling the mind.

Use your breath to regulate the rest of your body, it may sound strange but is the golden key to taking control of the present moment when it seems to be running away from you. Practice deep breathing as you inhale to the count of three while visualizing your lungs filling to capacity, then release to the same count and see your lungs completely deflate. For extra measures, you can visualize inhaling peace, love, tranquility, joy, etc., while exhaling worry, stress, negative thoughts, and everything that does not serve your greatest good. Powerful, powerful, powerful!

Just like your body takes in air and converts it to useful, life giving energies, consciously use the power of your mind-body connection to do the same. You are the creator of your reality and the Master of your experiences, completing an exercise like the one described above, can propel you into a state of peacefulness. Make it your own by incorporating phrases, mantras, affirmations, etc. Inhale, “I accept all the love into my being,” exhale, “I release all of my fears and doubts.” The possibilities are endless so, take that control, bedazzle it up to your liking, and take control of your mind and live in a peaceful present moment!

  • Cassondra

Time Waits for No Man

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough time in your day for ANYTHING? It always seems like you have your whole day planned out then BAM, it’s 3am and you don’t have anything accomplished on that to-do list you created. You’re tired and ready for bed so you tell yourself, ehhh… I’ll do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and the day gets away from you again so then you’re like damn, ok, I’ll get my life together for real this time!…then you get home from your crazy, unfulfilling job and you fall asleep. You wake up and nightfall has been hanging out for a while then you try to tackle that list and the cycle repeats itself. You may accomplish one or 2 things then time flies by and, next thing you know, it’s 2am and you’re ready for bed.

Sounds familiar or similar? Yep, a vicious cycle of repeating self-disappointment so you blame time, your job, the weather,  or whatever else you can put the blame on. So, when do you get to the point of taking responsibility for your actions? Never, or later on down the road after you’ve pushed something off for days, weeks, or months. You realize all those plans you made were so dainty and precious but, by the end of the week, only 4 things have been accomplished, out of 18.

How can you rid yourself of this vicious cycle of procrastination? Easy, just do it! If you’re not accomplishing much, maybe you’ve set your expectations too high. Sometimes we place all this responsibility on ourselves when, in reality, we can’t achieve over half of the tasks we set out to. Stop beating yourself up about it and just do it.

Pick a task and just do it. Become more aware of the excuses you make, oh, I’m too tired, it’s been a long day, I’m exhausted from the day, I’m going to take a nap first, etc. Realize that you’re making excuses foe why you haven’t been able to real your goal. Everything on that list is a goal, it’s an objective you wish to accomplish. You make excuses of why you can’t accomplish the task but, if your job called, you’d answer, if a parent or friend called, you’d answer. If you phone dinged because your Candy Crush lives have refilled, you’d answer. So many things you’d answer to except for those to-do list tasks.

Accomplishing those tasks on your list takes strength, courage, and determination. Ask yourself, why haven’t I done This? Delve inside yourself and find the root cause. Is it because you’re bored and want to do something more entertaining? Maybe you have some reservations because you have “more important” things to do. Or maybe you have some deep seated fears and issues associated with the task. Ask yourself the right questions and it’ll bring the answers into the light.

Be that person that accomplishes the things they want!

Take charge of your life and become a master of time, accomplishing everything you set out to. Find the barrier that procrastination feeds off of and destroy it. You are the creator of your own reality so, consciously create your reality into what you want it to be. Slap procrastination in the face and stand tall, face it and say, No, I will no longer allow you to control my life, I release you to go back from wherever you came from. You are the sole proprietor, the CEO, of your life, set it up the way you want it to be!

Yeah, that’s a cute idea but it doesn’t work like that for me.

Yup, another excuse spewed out to rationalize why you’re not accomplishing what you want. To be a master of time means to have complete, conscious awareness of your present moment living. Live in the present, recognize and accept that you’ve been making excuses, and create that to-do list with pride and confidence, knowing that you’re going to achieve everything and more!

To master time also means becoming an assertive, proactive leader. Don’t continue making excuses, just do what is needed to complete the task. Whether you need to break it down into smaller goals, reprioritize your lists, just picking 2-3 tasks a day, etc. Make a game plan and go for it! Don’t let anything stand in the way of greatness, success, and accomplishment. Take a deep inhale and dive in like an Olympic swimmer trying to get the gold medal. You can do it, keep it real, achievable, and make time for it. You’ll love yourself in the end as you go from procrastinator to achiever.

  • Cassondra

The Winds of Change 

Oh, the winds of change are upon us all, whether we’re ready for it or not. With 5 planets in retrograde, energies are running rampant, so much that it often seems to have you running head first into a brick wall. Change isn’t easy on a regular day but man, retrograde life can be quite the beast sometimes. How does one make it through the astrological, energy storm? Well, it starts with a desire to make it through!

It’s easier to sit back as life beats you up, just sitting there having moment after moment of bizarre events, setbacks, random obstacle pop-ups, etc. Many will just take the “woe is me” approach and voluntarily bend over and let life take what it wants. Others, decide to fight back and dive head first into the trenches to fight the war. Or, if you’re like me, you end up riding a roller coaster of life that has ups and downs, spirals, loops, and many, many zero gravity drops. The high peaks are grand and the drops are brutal, but moving forward is the key.

Persistence, will, and hope are key survival elements when all seems lost. Persistence helps drive you, will help keep you grounded, and hope is that twinkle in your eye that says “hey…that light at the end of the tunnel is always going to be there and waiting on you.” The combination furnishes a dynamic trio of power, innate gifts that we all have inside of us. It’s all a matter of being aware of these elements and using them for your benefit.

A big strategy is to never accept failure, regardless of what happens. Even if something doesn’t go your way or how you set it up, take A moment to see the lessons in the situation. What you learned and what you could’ve done differently are not to be used to put yourself down, it needs to be used to build yourself up.  Change your thinking and take something positive from the situation. Yes, that may be easier said than done but putting forth the effort and succeeding at it, will be incredibly rewarding, liberating, and emotionally freeing. As the saying goes, you only fail if you don’t try, so try to pull that positive out.

Embrace the winds of change, open your window and let the breeze come on in. Change is guaranteed to happen, no matter what. How you respond or react to the change, has a clear impact on your experience. Some people have a bad breakup and go through a grieving process, become bitter and angry, slide face first into a depression, etc. It often becomes a hodgepodge of emotional conflicts leading the way down a long path of hopelessness, resentment, and heartache. These are just a few of the infinite possibilities of growth from the situation. But…What to do, what to do???

Well, for starters, you can accept and experience the emotions then find the positive spin on the situation. Did you experience personal growth? Did you overcome the abusive relationship and start walking a Warriors journey? Did you recognize you have an unhealthy relationship pattern? Perhaps you have deep trust issues and didn’t realize it until your relationship ended, you would’ve have known until the 14th time you accused him/her of cheating (when they truly weren’t). Even realizing that he/she never valued or appreciated you is a positive takeaway, you should feel proud of yourself for knowing that you deserve more out of life.

Dealing with change is never an easy task but you can always counter it and make it work for your greatest good. I recently had my car broken into at a movie theater and work laptop bag stolen, it contained my tax return printouts so the culprits had all the information needed to potentially destroy my life and credit. When I parked, something told me my car was going to get broken into, I shrugged it off and didn’t listen. I got out of an awesome movie and, unknowingly, into a situation where 9 cars were broken into and mine just had to be one of them. Ughhhhh, right?!

That situation totally freaked me out and the days that followed were continued stressful moments. My gut told me it was going to happen but I didn’t listen, that was a valuable lesson to learn despite the unfortunate situation. I didn’t realize just how distrustful I was of my instincts and intuition until this situation. I now approach the moment with an attitude of gratitude, my intuition is spot on and I’m truly appreciative for that.

Turn those moments of change into a WIN, don’t be consumed by or caught up with others’ opinions of the situation. You don’t need other people to validate anything in order to make yourself happy or to feel better about the situation. The process starts within yourself,  you are the key to limitless power over everything that comes in and goes out of your life. The winds of change may be a soft, gentle breeze or it can be a hell storm with hurricane-force winds, either way, your response and reactions are the keys to survival.

  • Cassondra