Time Waits for No Man

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough time in your day for ANYTHING? It always seems like you have your whole day planned out then BAM, it’s 3am and you don’t have anything accomplished on that to-do list you created. You’re tired and ready for bed so you tell yourself, ehhh… I’ll do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and the day gets away from you again so then you’re like damn, ok, I’ll get my life together for real this time!…then you get home from your crazy, unfulfilling job and you fall asleep. You wake up and nightfall has been hanging out for a while then you try to tackle that list and the cycle repeats itself. You may accomplish one or 2 things then time flies by and, next thing you know, it’s 2am and you’re ready for bed.

Sounds familiar or similar? Yep, a vicious cycle of repeating self-disappointment so you blame time, your job, the weather,  or whatever else you can put the blame on. So, when do you get to the point of taking responsibility for your actions? Never, or later on down the road after you’ve pushed something off for days, weeks, or months. You realize all those plans you made were so dainty and precious but, by the end of the week, only 4 things have been accomplished, out of 18.

How can you rid yourself of this vicious cycle of procrastination? Easy, just do it! If you’re not accomplishing much, maybe you’ve set your expectations too high. Sometimes we place all this responsibility on ourselves when, in reality, we can’t achieve over half of the tasks we set out to. Stop beating yourself up about it and just do it.

Pick a task and just do it. Become more aware of the excuses you make, oh, I’m too tired, it’s been a long day, I’m exhausted from the day, I’m going to take a nap first, etc. Realize that you’re making excuses foe why you haven’t been able to real your goal. Everything on that list is a goal, it’s an objective you wish to accomplish. You make excuses of why you can’t accomplish the task but, if your job called, you’d answer, if a parent or friend called, you’d answer. If you phone dinged because your Candy Crush lives have refilled, you’d answer. So many things you’d answer to except for those to-do list tasks.

Accomplishing those tasks on your list takes strength, courage, and determination. Ask yourself, why haven’t I done This? Delve inside yourself and find the root cause. Is it because you’re bored and want to do something more entertaining? Maybe you have some reservations because you have “more important” things to do. Or maybe you have some deep seated fears and issues associated with the task. Ask yourself the right questions and it’ll bring the answers into the light.

Be that person that accomplishes the things they want!

Take charge of your life and become a master of time, accomplishing everything you set out to. Find the barrier that procrastination feeds off of and destroy it. You are the creator of your own reality so, consciously create your reality into what you want it to be. Slap procrastination in the face and stand tall, face it and say, No, I will no longer allow you to control my life, I release you to go back from wherever you came from. You are the sole proprietor, the CEO, of your life, set it up the way you want it to be!

Yeah, that’s a cute idea but it doesn’t work like that for me.

Yup, another excuse spewed out to rationalize why you’re not accomplishing what you want. To be a master of time means to have complete, conscious awareness of your present moment living. Live in the present, recognize and accept that you’ve been making excuses, and create that to-do list with pride and confidence, knowing that you’re going to achieve everything and more!

To master time also means becoming an assertive, proactive leader. Don’t continue making excuses, just do what is needed to complete the task. Whether you need to break it down into smaller goals, reprioritize your lists, just picking 2-3 tasks a day, etc. Make a game plan and go for it! Don’t let anything stand in the way of greatness, success, and accomplishment. Take a deep inhale and dive in like an Olympic swimmer trying to get the gold medal. You can do it, keep it real, achievable, and make time for it. You’ll love yourself in the end as you go from procrastinator to achiever.

  • Cassondra

1 thought on “Time Waits for No Man”

  1. I definitely enjoyed reading this blog… it reminded me to review my list and ‘get’ moving to make it happen… I definitely see improvements in myself as I pursue goals… I am eager daily to live in the moment and be productive… appropriate rest is important too.. So I have learned to rest in between my task and responsibilities…


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