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Uncontrollable but Controllable Mind

Practice being presentThis day and age, we become so consumed and distracted by the outside world and all its glorious drama. The depressing news, workplace gossip, life stressors (especially financial), etc. We use and over use our logical minds to analyze all situations to the point where it often drives us mad. Hours go by and nothing is accomplished except for sitting in the same spot, zoned out in our inner world. Mindlessly watching tv or online movies/shows while playing games on our phones or thinking about what all we need to do tomorrow. So many moments are wasted dwelling on these repetitive thinking and behavior patterns, next thing you know, a whole week has gone by and nothing is accomplished.

The problem is the disconnect between our minds and hearts. Our minds are off running around uncontrollably with no guidance at all, like a child that’s had loads of candy released to run freely in a toy store. You try to focus but the phone rings, you want to see what’s about to happen next in the movie, or you get the notification that your lives have been restored in your favorite game app. Or maybe you’re stuck reviewing the situations of the day, processing what happened and what you could or shouldn’t have done. Ultimately, living in the present moment is non-existent. Instead, you’re caught in a cycle of the past and future life while time runs by you like it’s on fire and trying to jump into a lake.

This is the moment where you grab control of your mind to bring it back to the present moment. When you first realize you’re steering your mental car without a steering wheel, hit the brakes as hard as you can and tune into your body. What is it feeling? What does it desire? Is it hot or cold? Does it feel hungry or full? Listen to your breath for a few moments. Is it shallow and fast? Is it slow and deep? Or is it fluctuating in a random pattern? These are important questions to ask yourself, it’s also a way of bonding with your body while focusing and controlling the mind.

Use your breath to regulate the rest of your body, it may sound strange but is the golden key to taking control of the present moment when it seems to be running away from you. Practice deep breathing as you inhale to the count of three while visualizing your lungs filling to capacity, then release to the same count and see your lungs completely deflate. For extra measures, you can visualize inhaling peace, love, tranquility, joy, etc., while exhaling worry, stress, negative thoughts, and everything that does not serve your greatest good. Powerful, powerful, powerful!

Just like your body takes in air and converts it to useful, life giving energies, consciously use the power of your mind-body connection to do the same. You are the creator of your reality and the Master of your experiences, completing an exercise like the one described above, can propel you into a state of peacefulness. Make it your own by incorporating phrases, mantras, affirmations, etc. Inhale, “I accept all the love into my being,” exhale, “I release all of my fears and doubts.” The possibilities are endless so, take that control, bedazzle it up to your liking, and take control of your mind and live in a peaceful present moment!

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